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Mortgage Rates Explained by Your Charity Donation Realtor

November 15, 2017

For many new first-time homebuyers, the process can be eye opening and educational. If you will soon be buying your first home, or need to brush up on your knowledge, understanding mortgage rates is key. Don’t worry—mortgage rates are not rocket science, but if there are areas you do not understand—your charity donation realtor will be there every step of the way to help. Learn about the basics of a mortgage, and the differences between fixed and adjustable rates. This will help you decide what is best for you when buying your next home.

Basics of a Mortgage

A mortgage is a bank loan that enables you to finance a house. Prior to getting a loan, you will need to get pre-approved first. Your realtor can assist you with the process and help make sure you have all of the proper documentation. Getting pre-approved is especially important in Denver’s housing market as homes sell fast. You want to be 100 percent prepared to act on a home that you would like to buy. As you may know, with any loan, you will need collateral for it in the event you default on your bills. With a mortgage, the house serves as the collateral. In addition, you will also pay a certain percentage, as a down payment, towards the house. This will reduce your principal, which is the amount that you borrow for the home. In order to be able to take out a loan through the bank, you will owe interest on your mortgage so the bank is able to make money. There are two types of mortgage interest rates: fixed and adjustable.

Fixed Rates

Fixed interest rates are rates that do not change. Upon purchasing your home, this means you will have the same interest rate until you pay off the loan or choose to refinance. When having a fixed rate mortgage, your payment will also be the same each month, too. Those who prefer stability and would rather not be unsure of what a monthly mortgage would be should choose this option. While an interest rate has many factors, one being your credit, the average fixed rate mortgage in Denver is around four percent.

Adjustable Rates

An adjustable rate mortgage will change throughout the life of the loan. While there is usually a maximum amount that an interest rate can be raised to, your interest rate will eventually change based on the market. You will typically have notice before your rate changes. Each loan is different, with some changing every six months to year. In most cases, the adjustable rate will stay the same for a few years. Because of the type of loan this is, the rate will start off lower than fixed rate loans. Then over time, it will increase. If you are not planning on staying in a home long term, this may be a great option for you.

From assisting with your pre-approval to the mortgage and home purchase process, the Giving Back Group will walk you through all of the steps. In addition, we also take 20 percent of our commission for you to donate to a charity or cause of your choice—at no additional cost to you. Contact us today to see how we can work together to help you find your next home.

Tips from Your Denver Real Estate Agent to Have a Successful Thanksgiving During Your Move

November 8, 2017

Moving is a busy time for everyone. From the packing, to the disarray that an area can be in: it can be especially stressful to handle a move in the midst of the holiday season. However, you should not avoid your goals just because there are events coming up in the next few months. By creating a plan, taking advantage of moving services, and clearing areas, you can have a successful Thanksgiving. Learn tips from your local Denver real estate agent to get through a move during Thanksgiving.

Create a Plan

Having a game plan in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving is your key way to get through the holiday during a move. First, work with those that you may spend the holiday with to discuss the location. If you are normally a host, ask another if they would be open to hosting at their home this year. Another option you have is to dine out. Eating Thanksgiving at a restaurant or ordering it to go is a popular choice among many Americans. If your home is the best place for Thanksgiving for you and your guests, make a plan. List out everything you will need to unpack from any boxes. Also, consider investing in disposable ware to help make it easier to clean up after the meal is services.

Take Advantage of Services

Did you know there are a variety of services to help people that move? It is especially important to take advantage of these services to get you through a busy time. First, a moving company can actually help you pack. You can provide direction, so if you need certain utensils or appliances left as-is for the holiday, you can pack those later on. This will ensure your valuables are securely packed and wrapped—and one less thing on your list. If you need items out of your way for the holiday or in general, they can assist with temporary storage. Movers have all of the tools and resources to make the move stress free, which is helpful for busy holiday season. The six reasons you should always hire a moving company will help further explain the benefits to this option.

Clear Areas if Hosting

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving celebration, make sure you do not have any boxes or packing supplies in your main areas. These items can often be trip hazards, or there are materials that children can pick up and injure themselves on. Put everything you have packed so far in a separate area, or work with a mover on a temporary storage option.

Another way to ease your experience of finding a home during the holiday season is to work with the Giving Back Group. We’ll help you find the perfect home and create a stress-free Thanksgiving and holiday season. We also donate 20 percent of our commission to charity, which is great before the holidays. Learn about the five best Denver charities that you can help by simply purchasing a home!

Tips for Choosing a Realtor and Finding One to Donate Real Estate Commissions to Charity

November 1, 2017

When it comes time to sell your home, finding the right realtor is key. By working with someone you can rely on and trust, you can rest assured that your investment is safe. This is why it is crucial to find a realtor that you feel comfortable working with and will work hard to sell your home as quickly as possible, and for the best price. In addition, you can even find a realtor that will help to give back to your local community or causes that matter to you. Learn the reasons why you need a realtor, things to discuss during your search and additional benefits on finding a realtor that will donate real estate commissions to charity.

Why You Need a Realtor

Some homeowners looking to sell may assume they are saving money by selling their home on their own. A realtor provides a wide variety of services that will help you financially in the long run. First, a realtor will be able to market your home in so many ways and expose it to a larger audience. This will help for a quicker sale, and in some cases, a bidding war that ends in your favor. Second, a realtor works on a schedule that is accommodating to yours—and will be available to show your home to prospective buyers and conduct open houses. Since these normally take place during the evening or on weekends, this will free up your time to focus on other priorities. Then, when it comes time to sell your home, they know all the ins and outs of the industry. From negotiation and contracts, to the inspection process and appraisals, it is important to have them there as an expert. Need more information? Learn “why do I need a real estate agent” from The Balance.

Things to Discuss with Prospective Realtor

Committing to a person that will sell your home is a big decision. This is why it is important to choose someone you feel comfortable with. During your search, do not be hesitant to write-off an agent that is somewhat new to the industry. While years of service helps experience, so does talent. Ask your realtor about their sales history and what they have to offer you as a client. Also, talk to them about communication styles to ensure they will meet your needs.

Additional Benefits to Consider

When working with a realtor, talk to them about the benefits and services they can provide for you. There are realtors available that will donate a portion of their commissions to charity. This is a great way to give back to your local community while in the process of selling your home. Learn other ways to give back during your move and benefits to donate real estate commissions to charity.

To help you sell your home, the Giving Back Group will go above and beyond to meet your needs. In addition, we will donate 20 percent of the commission for the sale of your home to the charity of your choice—at no cost to you. Together, we can make a difference! Learn more and get started today at 303-881-4881.

Should I Sell My Home in the Winter? Reasons You Can Explained by your Real Estate Agent

October 25, 2017

As the cooler months come in, those looking to sell their home may consider holding off until the spring. However, you do not need to hold off just because of the season. It actually can be a great time to buy and sell! Those looking to sell a home in the winter can work closely with their real estate agent to make it happen. Learn how the Denver housing marketing is currently fairing, tips on selling a home in the winter, and overall tips for a marketable property.

Denver Housing Market

With the change in season from summer to fall, the Denver housing market has begun to see a slowdown in sales. This is a small dip considering the market has been such a strong seller’s market. For those looking to sell and buy, this is a great sign of flexibility as more may become available on the market to choose from. It is still unknown if home prices will continue to dip. This makes it important for those looking to sell to stay on track with their plans to get the most of their home. However, even with a dip in pricing, there is nothing for sellers to be worried about. Properties are still in high demand, and often have multiple offers just within a day.

Selling a Home in the Winter

Homeowners that sell their home during the winter in Denver find success. Given the demand the market still has, homeowners should not worry about putting their plans on hold simply due to the seasons. Plus, those looking for homes in the winter know there is even less available than usual—making them more serious in their search. This may reduce negotiations allowing you to get the most of your home. It is also common for October to be a month with an increase in sales, so you may encounter one more jump as you move into winter.

Tips for a Marketable Property

While the housing market in Denver is busy, there are still things you can work with your realtor on to make your home attract prospective buyers. First, make sure to keep the home clean and uncluttered. You can keep boxes in closets to help you quickly organize and store to keep the area open. It is also important to take out some of your personality within the home to allow prospective buyers the chance to envision themselves in the space. You can also talk to your realtor to see if any small updates or upgrades need to be made. Forbes has a full list of seven pro tips to help your home sell faster, for more money.

To help you sell your home this fall and winter, the Giving Back Group can help. As you search for your next home, learn more about finding Denver real estate in the winter season. We offer a variety of personalized services to help you make this experience smooth. Contact us today to get started on your home sale this fall and winter.

Looking for a Great Denver Real Estate Deal? 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Home Search

October 18, 2017

As you are looking for Denver real estate, there are a few things that you can compromise on to help your budget. With many moving to the area, it will help you find a home more easily if you are flexible. Plus, flexibility will help with your overall budget to help you with savings. During your search, learn how to have a budget-friendly search by compromising on appliances and outdated rooms, location, homeowner associations, square footage, and curb appeal.

Appliances and Outdated Rooms

Old appliances or out of date rooms are often a turnoff for prospective homeowners. While it may take some work, homes are often discounted for specific circumstances to make up for the higher quality and prices in other homes in the area. If a home you look at has older appliances, or rooms that need some work, think of it as a blank slate. Also, you can purchase new appliances that are energy efficient to provide savings on monthly energy bills. For outdated rooms, you have a blank slate to take the savings and use it to make the space how you prefer it.

Location and Transportation

When you are able to compromise on location of a home, you may be taking thousands of dollars off the overall price of the home. When it comes to Denver neighborhoods, proximity to downtown Denver is not necessarily a factor in price. Highly sought-after neighborhoods all over can be attractive. You need to think about what your commute would be like from specific neighborhoods, and work with your realtor to get to know areas that are friendly to your budget but also do not extend your monthly bill. Learn more in The Denver Post’s priced out of Denver? Don’t go running to the burbs for sticker-shock relief,

Homeowner Associations

As you look at homes in certain neighborhoods, keep in mind that homeowner associations (HOA) are at an additional cost. For some, it is feasible. For others, it can be expensive. You need to factor in what you are willing to pay for an HOA upfront and not waver from. Look at what services the HOA will provide to determine if the monthly costs are worth it.

Too Much Square Footage

During the home search, some prospective homebuyers are looking for a large space. It is crucial that you shop only for what you need. When you have a home that has open, wasted square footage, that is just more space in the home that you have to heat, cool, clean, and more. While important to make sure a home has the perfect amount of space you need, avoid a space that is too big to grow into.

Curb Appeal

While everything can be about first impressions, have an open mind when it comes to the curb appeal of a house. When the overall appearance may not be great, that will help to take some off the sale price. Use this as an opportunity to make the outside, first impression of your home to match your personality.

As you look for your next home, Giving Back Group will help you find the perfect home in your budget. Plus, we will take a portion of our commission and donate to the charity of your choice, helping you to help others. As we kick off the cooler months, learn more about finding Denver real estate in the winter season, and call us at 303-881-4881 today to see how we can help you.