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What to Expect When Showing a Home from Brokers for Charity

April 12, 2017

Selling a home is an exciting time, but one that can be stressful. It all works out well in the end though as you are then able to move into your next home. If you are getting ready to sell a home for the first time, there are a few things to be aware of. Learn how to prepare your home for prospective buyers, what you should do with animals and different trends and timelines to expect from your local realtor and broker for charity.

Preparing for Prospective Buyers

When showing a home to prospective buyers, you can literally receive notice from your realtor at any time. Your realtor will work a schedule out with you that typically can be a 24 to 48-hour window. Sometimes it may be less but you are not obligated to show your home, however, accommodating the potential buyers schedule may help lead to a sale. During the time, you will be showing your home, you will want to keep it as neat as possible. It helps to create a temporary plan to quickly clean and organize so that when you get a notification of a showing, you will not have to clean your house every time. By following this route, you can put clutter away, wipe down counters, vacuum and call it a day. When it comes to your closets, make sure they are not packed full of belongings. One way to combat this is to have storage bins. This is also a great way to quickly de-clutter by putting items in those bins.

Handling Pets

Handling pets after listing a home for sale can be tricky. In most cases, it is ideal to bring the pets with you when you leave for your house to be shown. This will eliminate the risk of your animals injuring the realtor or prospective buyers, or vice versa. This is especially important if your pet is rarely exposed to other people and you do not know how they will react to people they don’t know going through every angle of your space. One thing to do that can help your pet during this time that can be stressful is to talk to your vet. They can help create ideas to make this time less stressful for your furry friends. Learn more about what you should do with your pets after listing your house by reading Selling a House with Pets at Home.

Trends and Timelines

While each situation is different, you will most likely get a lot of requests to show your home within a month of listing it because it is new and fresh on the market. Over time, the longer it is listed, showings may become farther apart. Don’t be discouraged. It can all factor in by the market, housing in the area, time of year and more. If your house is on the market over three months, you can talk to your realtor about options and if you need to make any changes that will help pique interest.

When listing your home for sale, you can trust that the experts at Giving Back Group can help to quickly sell your home. We will help you with all the ins and outs. Ready or looking to sell your home in 2017? Try these things to consider from Denver realtors. When ready, we can help. Give us a call at 303-881-4881 to get started.