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Ways to Update Your Kitchen to Help Sell a Home in Denver

May 3, 2017

Whether you are looking to sell your home, or you are searching for one, there are many things you can do to improve a kitchen for the home’s overall value. These enhancements will also help you to enjoy the space more. From appliances and countertops to storage and flooring, learn more about ways you can upgrade your kitchen from your Westminster real estate agent.


When it comes to appliances for your kitchen, there are a variety of latest trends that you can choose from. For finish, stainless steel is one of the most popular types as it can match with any style of kitchen. However, you can now purchase appliances in black stainless steel, known as slate. If you don’t prefer stainless steel, you can opt for traditional white or black appliances, which often can be less expensive. As for the appliances themselves, you can cut on your monthly utilities by purchasing energy efficient appliances. From refrigerators and ovens to dishwashers, you can find a variety of Energy Star appliances that can help with your monthly bills. For more ideas on appliances, check out HGTV’s 12 Hot Trends in Kitchen Appliances.

Different Types of Counters

When choosing counters for your kitchen, a popular option are stone counters, which consist of granite, marble or quartz. These provide an upscale and elegant look that is easy to clean and can pair with any style of kitchen, from traditional to contemporary. For a cost-effective solution, you can install laminate countertops that can enhance your kitchen and fit within your budget. If you or someone in the home cooks often, you can consider adding butcher block countertops. These are wood counters that can serve as a cutting board too. For a unique look, you can choose stainless steel counters or slate. Slate has a sleek matted look that can especially fit in with modern or contemporary styles.

Storage and Flooring

It is crucial to make sure you have adequate amount of storage space in a kitchen. If your current or new home does not have enough storage, this is an upgrade to make. This will make it easier to house all your items, from pots and pans to food and spices. If you don’t have a lot of room to build counters, you should get strategic about your storage by taking advantage of tiered options, slide out drawers and more. For flooring, you want to choose flooring that matches your style of your kitchen and is easy to clean. Wood floors is a popular choice and you can choose light or dark to match your style. Tile is another style that is easy to clean. From classic to retro, there is a lot you can do with tile. You can also choose slate floors too for a matte look.

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