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Denver Realtors Explain How to Find Your Perfect Kitchen

July 12, 2017

When searching for your next perfect home, the kitchen is one of the areas you will spend most of your time in. During your search, it is important you find a kitchen that covers the functionality that you and your family needs. As you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind during your search. Denver realtors will help you to consider what types of layout options are best, what counter types and work space you need, and premier storage options with accessibility that works best for those in the home.

Layout Options

One of the most popular types of kitchen layouts is an open one. They can help to keep a wide-open space to make any size kitchen easier to navigate through. Another popular style amongst smaller spaces are galley kitchens. These are parallel style kitchens that are narrow, but help to maximize space in small kitchens. Essentially it is an aisle with cabinets on both sides, along with appliances. Kitchens that are in the shape of the letter “L” are also popular in many sizes. This shape opens into additional space for a small table or other areas. This helps to keep traffic flowing well in the space. You can even work to add an island in the middle for additional workspace. Like the “L” shape is a “U” shaped kitchen. These kitchens have a wall and then an open counter to help multiple people be in the space at once.

Counter Types

As you search for a home, keep in mind that kitchen counters can be a cosmetic fix if you are not a fan of the existing countertops. There are options for different materials, looks, and designs that you can take advantage of. One of the most popular and most durable types of counters are stone. This can include marble, quartz, or granite. Quartz has a smooth appearance and is a great non-porous cost-effective option that does not require much maintenance. Granite is one of the most traditional types of counters that does not react well to acidic liquids, so it is important to clean spills as soon as possible. Marble is an upscale option of counter with a smooth, classic appearance. Similar to granite, it is important to quickly wipe up spills on this material too. For a cost-friendly solution, laminate counters are a great option. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles. For the home chef, consider a butcher-block counter. With these, you can work on the surface while providing a unique look in your kitchen. For more ideas, Better Homes and Gardens has you covered with their guide of kitchen layouts.


Storage is a key component to any kitchen. This is a great option to discuss with your realtor so they can help you find a home that has the storage options that works for those in the home. For some, little space is needed and there are open storage shelves to put plates, cups, and bowls on. There can be hooks for pans and other items. If you like the open-shelf appearance, you can also have open cabinets and placing items along a shelf. This may not be the best solution when small children or animals are in the home. You can find a home with cabinets with both low and high options to help find a solution to this issue. When thinking about how much space you need, one of the best ways to determine the amount of storage you need and work backwards. Your realtor can also help you find the best homes with storage that works for you.

For a realtor to help you and your family find the home with the perfect kitchen for you, Giving Back Group has you covered. Learn more about why you need a Westminster real estate agent to help you find your ideal space. To get started, give us a call at 303-881-4881.