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Denver Real Estate Fall 2017 Market Outlook

September 6, 2017

Are you looking to sell your current home, and/or purchase a new one in the next few months? Even though the cooler months are on their way, those looking to make a move with their home have plenty of time to get the process started. If you are on the fence, or are wondering how things are looking for the end of summer and into fall, now is the time to do your research. Learn more about the Denver real estate market overview, as well as important information for both upcoming homebuyers and sellers.

Denver Real Estate Overview

Colorado remains one of the top states in the country that people move to, several of those choosing Denver to be their new home. When it comes to the overall real estate market in Denver, more homes have become available over the last few months. While home values and prices have stayed consistent, it is expected that prices will rise.  With the high demand in the area, homeowners have been able to get even more value out of their home. However, it is not solely a seller’s market. A jump in homes for sale in Denver provides relief for buyers stuck in a seller’s market. They explain that homes for sale in the Denver area has increased nearly 20 percent, which is great news for those looking to buy. However, it is important to work with your realtor on budget as prices are staying consistent or increasing.

What Buyers Should Know

If you are looking to buy in the Denver area, if you are finding that you are on a tight budget, you are in luck! With prices leveling out, you may have more room to get a home at a price in your budget. As you kick off the home buying process, begin to make a list of the essentials you need, for instance, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, yard for your dog, etc. From there, decide what you can compromise on. This will help if you need to negotiate or have to decide what truly matters in a home.  

Information for Sellers

For those selling a home, you do not need to fear home values plummeting. Changes are happening slowly, and with greater demand, the market is still on the seller's side. You can work with your realtor on the best price for your home. With their being less (but slowly more) of homes available in the market, be prepared to have buyers that want to work with you on price. Find what areas you cannot compromise on and learn where you can. This will help make things easier when negotiating with a prospective buyer.

Is your home properly priced? Learn the ins and outs from your Denver real estate agent. For help buying or selling your next home, the Giving Back Group can help. Experienced in the real estate industry, we will help you find your perfect home and get the most for your existing one. Call us today at 303-881-4881 to get started on the process.