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Looking for a Great Denver Real Estate Deal? 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Home Search

October 18, 2017

As you are looking for Denver real estate, there are a few things that you can compromise on to help your budget. With many moving to the area, it will help you find a home more easily if you are flexible. Plus, flexibility will help with your overall budget to help you with savings. During your search, learn how to have a budget-friendly search by compromising on appliances and outdated rooms, location, homeowner associations, square footage, and curb appeal.

Appliances and Outdated Rooms

Old appliances or out of date rooms are often a turnoff for prospective homeowners. While it may take some work, homes are often discounted for specific circumstances to make up for the higher quality and prices in other homes in the area. If a home you look at has older appliances, or rooms that need some work, think of it as a blank slate. Also, you can purchase new appliances that are energy efficient to provide savings on monthly energy bills. For outdated rooms, you have a blank slate to take the savings and use it to make the space how you prefer it.

Location and Transportation

When you are able to compromise on location of a home, you may be taking thousands of dollars off the overall price of the home. When it comes to Denver neighborhoods, proximity to downtown Denver is not necessarily a factor in price. Highly sought-after neighborhoods all over can be attractive. You need to think about what your commute would be like from specific neighborhoods, and work with your realtor to get to know areas that are friendly to your budget but also do not extend your monthly bill. Learn more in The Denver Post’s priced out of Denver? Don’t go running to the burbs for sticker-shock relief,

Homeowner Associations

As you look at homes in certain neighborhoods, keep in mind that homeowner associations (HOA) are at an additional cost. For some, it is feasible. For others, it can be expensive. You need to factor in what you are willing to pay for an HOA upfront and not waver from. Look at what services the HOA will provide to determine if the monthly costs are worth it.

Too Much Square Footage

During the home search, some prospective homebuyers are looking for a large space. It is crucial that you shop only for what you need. When you have a home that has open, wasted square footage, that is just more space in the home that you have to heat, cool, clean, and more. While important to make sure a home has the perfect amount of space you need, avoid a space that is too big to grow into.

Curb Appeal

While everything can be about first impressions, have an open mind when it comes to the curb appeal of a house. When the overall appearance may not be great, that will help to take some off the sale price. Use this as an opportunity to make the outside, first impression of your home to match your personality.

As you look for your next home, Giving Back Group will help you find the perfect home in your budget. Plus, we will take a portion of our commission and donate to the charity of your choice, helping you to help others. As we kick off the cooler months, learn more about finding Denver real estate in the winter season, and call us at 303-881-4881 today to see how we can help you.