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Tips from Your Denver Real Estate Agent to Have a Successful Thanksgiving During Your Move

November 8, 2017

Moving is a busy time for everyone. From the packing, to the disarray that an area can be in: it can be especially stressful to handle a move in the midst of the holiday season. However, you should not avoid your goals just because there are events coming up in the next few months. By creating a plan, taking advantage of moving services, and clearing areas, you can have a successful Thanksgiving. Learn tips from your local Denver real estate agent to get through a move during Thanksgiving.

Create a Plan

Having a game plan in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving is your key way to get through the holiday during a move. First, work with those that you may spend the holiday with to discuss the location. If you are normally a host, ask another if they would be open to hosting at their home this year. Another option you have is to dine out. Eating Thanksgiving at a restaurant or ordering it to go is a popular choice among many Americans. If your home is the best place for Thanksgiving for you and your guests, make a plan. List out everything you will need to unpack from any boxes. Also, consider investing in disposable ware to help make it easier to clean up after the meal is services.

Take Advantage of Services

Did you know there are a variety of services to help people that move? It is especially important to take advantage of these services to get you through a busy time. First, a moving company can actually help you pack. You can provide direction, so if you need certain utensils or appliances left as-is for the holiday, you can pack those later on. This will ensure your valuables are securely packed and wrapped—and one less thing on your list. If you need items out of your way for the holiday or in general, they can assist with temporary storage. Movers have all of the tools and resources to make the move stress free, which is helpful for busy holiday season. The six reasons you should always hire a moving company will help further explain the benefits to this option.

Clear Areas if Hosting

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving celebration, make sure you do not have any boxes or packing supplies in your main areas. These items can often be trip hazards, or there are materials that children can pick up and injure themselves on. Put everything you have packed so far in a separate area, or work with a mover on a temporary storage option.

Another way to ease your experience of finding a home during the holiday season is to work with the Giving Back Group. We’ll help you find the perfect home and create a stress-free Thanksgiving and holiday season. We also donate 20 percent of our commission to charity, which is great before the holidays. Learn about the five best Denver charities that you can help by simply purchasing a home!