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Why You Need A Westminster Real Estate Agent

September 14, 2016

Some buyers and sellers mistakenly believe they can get by without working with a Westminster real estate agent. Of course, it’s possible to buy or sell a home without the help of an agent, but it’s definitely more difficult to do so. Here are the reasons why you need to hire a real estate agent:

Negotiating can be tough.

If you’re trying to get a buyer to raise his price or a seller to drop his, you will need someone who is trained to negotiate with other agents. Who better to take on the job than a real estate agent who knows all the tricks in the book? Agents can help buyers and sellers adjust the offer as needed without sacrificing too much so they can close quickly on a home but still get the price they were after.

Legal work.
Unless you’re a lawyer, you may find it difficult to deal with the contracts involved in real estate transactions. Luckily, real estate agents know exactly how to read and write these contracts, so all you have to do is skim it over and sign on the dotted line. This may not seem like much, but it’s a huge timesaver for both buyers and sellers who don’t have legal knowledge.

The MLS, or multiple listing service, is the tool real estate agents use to look for new listings to show potential buyers. This tool is only available to real estate agents, so if you decide to buy or sell a home without an agent, you won’t have access to it. When you’re selling your house without an agent, your property is not put on the MLS meaning other agents won’t see it right away so you will have a harder time finding a buyer. If you’re trying to buy a home, you won’t see the listings as quickly as you would with the help of the agent since you won’t be able to access the MLS. Still confused? Read the multiple listing service: what is it? here.

See other homes.
If you’re a buyer, it can be difficult to gain access to homes you are interested in without a real estate agent. Most homes on the market are locked up with an electronic device. To gain access, an agent can call the listing agent to get the code which opens the door. But, if you don’t have an agent, the listing agent may not want to provide you with the code since he will have no idea who you are or what your true intentions could be. This makes it difficult for you to find your dream home.

Now that you know why you need a Westminster real estate agent, contact the Giving Back Group to be paired with the perfect match! At the Giving Back Group, we are committed to providing exceptional real estate services. Whether it’s helping a buyer or a seller, our commitment remains the same – to provide exceptional service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We are also committed to our community and helping those in need, which is why our brokers give back to charity after every real estate transaction