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Brokers Who Give Back Tip: What Do Companies Expect from Charity Partners

October 26, 2016

To create a successful corporate partnership, it is important to meet the expectations of the participating companies. It doesn’t matter what kind of charity you run or volunteer at, a successful partnership is based on human connection. If you are a charity organization, you have worked hard cultivating your partnership, so make sure both parties are benefiting from this partnership by keeping opened and friendly communication. Maybe it’s assisting at a local food bank or donating toys to a local holiday toy drive. Maybe it’s making a financial contribution to wounded Veterans for employment support. Let’s take a closer look at what companies expect from their charity partners.

Enthusiasm and Passion

Corporations will often chose their charity partner based on the attitude, enthusiasm, and passion of the charity organization and its leading members like upper level management and the Board of Directors. This will involve staying in touch regularly and making the impression that they will do what they say. This means that a relationship will have to be built on trustworthiness and reliability. Ideally, corporations want to see a proven track record before investing into a charity. It will provide the reassurance that getting involved it the right thing to do.

The Inspiration

Corporations must be inspired by the cause. Companies and corporations want to see this before making their contributions. More specifically, companies want to understand the cause and hear of examples that show how the contribution will make a difference. They want their contribution to make a difference in the community and they likely want to see results. If you are able to quantify what a difference their donation made, you will likely get a second donation.

Compelling Opportunity

Most companies and corporations want to participate in a charity that offers specific opportunities to showcase their brand, for example at a Gala event or on marketing materials going out into the community. If these opportunities are available, most companies will provide their resources, i.e. money and volunteer hours to projects that are interesting and able to changing lives.


Corporate partners will look for a charity that takes a professional approach. In particular, they will be likely concerned about the charity’s reputation in the community. Many will be afraid that without a solid reputation, their involvement in this charity could affect their company brand. Therefore, the charity organizers need to have a rock-solid status in the community otherwise they may not get the corporate partners that they want.

Brokers Who Give Back

At the Giving Back Group, we believe in supporting our local community. Our mission is to donate 20% of our real estate brokers commission every time a home is sold. We are involved with several excellent charity groups and know how the perfect partnership works. In fact, you can check out our website to see more about the charity partners we work with.
Contact the Give Back Group the next time you want to buy a new house or sell your house in Denver, Colorado. We would love to assist you with your real estate needs and in turn make a donation to your charity of choice.