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​Holiday Housewarming Gift Ideas from your Westminster Real Estate Agent

December 14, 2016

Do you know someone that is moving over the holidays? Or perhaps you and your family are moving? The holidays are the perfect time to buy housewarming gifts. It’s a great way to help someone settle in (or treat yourself), especially after a long move. If you are creative, there are great ways you can add a personal touch, or you can take advantage of great holiday sales! Try one of these gift ideas from your Westminster real estate agent.

Personalized Gifts

There are a variety of personalized gifts you can get to make a house a home. Usually you can accomplish this by taking an item and having initials or a last name carved into it. For the foodies in your life, consider purchasing cooking tools, such as a cutting board or platters, that can be engraved. Another great addition for the kitchen are towels with last names or initials sewn on them. For those who love art, browse through your local home good store or online for a quote that fits your friend or the family. Since art is personal, invest in something small that they can set on a dresser or hang that doesn’t take up too much space. You can also find other gifts to personalize that fits their style such as glasses, aprons, door mats, welcome signs and baskets.

Subscription or Clean Services

Moving can be a hassle. It often takes some time to get settled and everything in its place. A great holiday gift for a person that has moved are subscriptions to services! For instance, you can purchase them a one month subscription to a food service that will send them pre-planned meals. This way they don’t have to shop and they have everything they need to quickly cook a meal. There are other food services with beer, wine or snacks that will be something they can look forward to. Also, if you know the person is trying to get settled, they may love a gift of a service to clean parts of the house (such as carpets or a good cleaning service to come in and take care of trouble areas). You know them best and only buy what they would feel comfortable with.

The Gift They Never Knew They Needed

One of the best things about the holidays are getting presents you never knew you needed! For technology, you can find wireless Bluetooth speakers that they can take wherever they go. They even make speakers that are waterproof and can be used in the shower. You can also buy them a power bank for their cellphones which will come in handy if playing music or using their phone a lot during their settling in phase. There are even versions that are so small, they fit on a keychain. For foodies or wine connoisseurs, you can find cheese and wine plates that hold all in one. You can also find different types of wine corks, including electric to make it easy to pop open their favorite bottle. (Bonus—get them a bottle along with their opener!) Be sure to check out Real Simple’s holiday gift guide for more out of the box gift ideas.

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