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​Top 3 Reasons to Sell a Home in Denver

January 4, 2017

It can be unclear when the right time to list your home for sale is. Some of the common times to sell a home is when your family is growing and you need more space or you want to relocate to a new neighborhood. There are other times when the idea of selling your home isn’t so clear. When the market is hot like it is in Denver, it could be the right time to greatly benefit from selling your home. Check out some of these reasons to consider taking the leap!

1. It’s A Seller’s Market

When the housing market favors sellers, it can be a great time to sell. It is the perfect time to extract the most profit from your home and use it to purchase a better fit. During this time, homebuyers are more willing to pay higher prices—whether it be asking price, or in some cases, above the listing price. When multiple offers come in, it is a great advantage for the seller. You can use the various offers as leverage to get the highest price. Denver’s housing market ranks No. 2 for an increase of housing prices. Perhaps this is great for you to consider selling and moving outside of the Denver county lines? It is something to discuss with a realtor and explore all options. Learn more about the denver housing market in Denver is Nation’s No. 2 market for rising housing prices by 9News.

2. Not Accommodating You Needs

When was the last time you thought about your living space. Is it too big? Too small? Have you constantly had to work around certain obstacles in your home? Sometimes you might not realize how your quality of life decreases due to unhappy living arrangements. For instance, if you have a growing family and do not have enough room to fit all the members and their belongings. Or, maybe your home’s layout does not work well for your needs. Last, maybe you have a large house and you no longer need that square footage. Keep in mind it costs more to heat and cool a larger space, so if you are not utilizing it, you could be throwing dollars down the drain. Also, distance can play a huge role where a person lives. Evaluate if you are happy with your normal commutes and if you would benefit living closer to work, family, lifestyle, etc.

3. Expensive home improvements

Over time, things in a home can start to fall apart. Some home fixes are small and easy, but some can be costly. If you did not sign up for a fixer upper and feel you are constantly having to invest in expensive repairs, weigh the pros and cons of selling versus fixing. During this process, evaluate what issues may come up in the future. If you know you will have more high price fixes in the future, you need to determine how important it is to maintain these improvements. It may be better to pass the home to an investor or person who has the time to make these fixes.

If you would like to explore the benefits of selling your home, the Giving Back Group can help. As your expert realtor, we will help you get the most for your house. To help you find more information out about your home’s worth, fill out our home valuation form. Upon filling it out, we will contact you to discuss further. Contact us today at 303-884-4881!