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The Difference in Charitable Giving by Gender

January 25, 2017

It has been found by research that women tend to give to charity more than men do. This is true, even at all different levels of income. Women, in general, earn less than men do and also have accumulated fewer assets at the time of retirement. In other words, women have a tendency to give more, even with fewer resources available to them. So, yes, there is a  gender difference in charity support.

The Research Studies

According to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, located at the Indiana University, it has been researched and reported that women display more empathy and altruistic behavior than men. This partly has to do with the way both genders view the world and their contributions to the world at large. The same research found that men will quickly give to charity if the organization is appealing and if it suits their best interest. Women, on the other hand, will give with the intention of promoting social change or to help the less fortunate.

Attitude and Feelings

One other reason is men’s and women’s difference in attitude toward money. Money, for men, represents achievement, power, and prestige. For women, money represents personal security, accomplishing goals, and freedom. A survey conducted by the U.S. Trust about Insights on Wealth and Worth found that when it comes to wealth and women, it is apparent that women are twice as likely to see charity as a satisfying experience of being wealthy. The survey report showed that older women and baby boomers gave more to charity than men of the same age.

The Married Couple

Marriage also has a positive impact on how women give. People who are married have a tendency of giving more often than a single family household headed by a woman. For married couples earning a higher income and having a higher net worth, giving is more frequent, even when there are changes to one partner’s income. However, generally, when the couple’s income is low and income changes, it would affect their giving substantially.


Most women are compassionate by nature and for that reason will feel empathy to give, especially when the charity involves children or individuals who are experiencing hardship. That is not to say that men aren’t compassionate in the same situation, but if there were a comparison, women would come out stronger.

The Organization

Men have a tendency to research an organization first before giving to its charity while women will do so without conducting a research as long as it can be proven as being legitimate. In most cases, a woman may not research the organization, if she already is aware of its existence.

The decision to give to charity is complex, but when both sexes are compared, it is found that women will even be the instigator into convincing a husband to give to charity. Women also do not donate the same way that men do. Females contribute without receiving any rewards or incentives. Males contribute for things like tax deductions and possibly to a specific organization such as his college alma mater.

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