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Spring Cleaning and Staging Tips When Trying to Sell a Home in Denver

March 15, 2017

Spring is almost here, which means people are going to be looking for a new home! If you are looking to sell a home in Denver, now is the time to make sure your home is in pristine condition. This will help your home stand out amongst all others on the market. From a bright and clean environment and sprucing up the curb appeal, to other home selling tips, try some of these ideas when selling your house this spring!

Bright and Clean

When a prospective buyer walks into your home, one of the best things you can do for spring is make sure your home is clean and bright. If you have several rooms that are painted dark, or just need a touchup, consider painting them a brighter color. Avoid bold colors as you want the buyers to be able to envision themselves in the space and anything too out-of-the-norm can make that difficult. Next, to add to the clean look, declutter your home. When showing a home, you’ll want to have little to no clutter. This will help your space look large. While you are decluttering, this is also the time to do the heavy deep clean. Prior to showing a home, if you have normal clutter, invest in some storage boxes that you can toss a few things in and place in a closet.

Spring Curb Appeal

How is the outside of your home looking? Curb appeal is the first impression of a home. Some people might want to walk away if the outside of the house is in rough shape. Take some time to clean up your yard and prepare your landscaping. The month before spring is the perfect time to remove weeds and debris from plant beds and yards, mulch, plant additional flowers and prune trees. If the outside of your house needs love, you may want to consider painting or resoding. If your roof is in tough shape, depending on its age and condition, your insurance may be able to pick up the bill.

Other Home Sale Tips

If there are certain areas of your home that are worn or broken, weigh the pros and cons of fixing those items before putting your house on the market. Or, if you have a lot of inconsistent features, such as a variety of styles and colors of doorknobs, faucets, etc., making those consistent is one of those small changes that can go a long way. Then take a good look around the room and touch up any holes in the walls, scratches in flooring and beyond. For more information on ways to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers, read The Balance’s How to Sell Your Home in the Spring.

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