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Looking to Sell Your Home in 2017? Things to Consider from Denver Realtors

Are you kicking the idea around of moving, or do you know you are ready to sell your home? Spring is a great time. As you prepare for your next chapter, it is a great time to start preparing. Learn how the housing market is fairing in the early stages of this year, ideas for staging your home and tips for choosing Denver realtors to help you quickly sell your home for a great value and find you your next dream home.

Housing Outlook

If looking to buy a new home, from 2016 into 2017, it has fared well for buyers. It is a mixed market with home prices going on a steady increase—so this is great news for sellers too. It is anticipated that home prices will increase throughout the year as well—so if looking to buy, this early part of the year is a great time to make a move to get the most of your home and take advantage of lower prices. If you qualify for a FHA loan, it is important to know some of the recent changes that have occurred with the new presidential administration. Originally, a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) interest rate reduction was on the books but since has been suspended. So, if you had started the proceedings to get qualified for a FHA loan in 2016, you may want to talk to your lender and see how things may have changed.

Staging, Arranging and Upgrades

One of the best things you can do to make your home attractive to prospective buyers is staging. Staging is a great way to take your personality out of a home and enable the future buyer to envision them and their family in the space. As you work to have your home staged, it is also important to de-clutter. The more space a room has that is arranged the proper way can bring the most out of the room. To learn more about staging, try HGTV’s “15 Secrets of Home Staging.” Next, inspect your house to see if there are any minor fixes you can handle yourself that will help your resale value increase and entice buyers. This can be on a smaller scale from upgrading knobs and fixtures to as grand as repainting, upgrading appliances or redoing flooring.

Choosing a Realtor

One of the most important pieces to successfully selling your home and finding a new one is to work with a realtor. A realtor can help give you the perfect advice to make your home a hot commodity on the housing market for your area. They can also help you when it comes to the staging, arranging and upgrades if you are interested in making those changes. Also, when it comes to the housing market, they know all the ins and outs to perfectly price your home and negotiate a better price for your new one.
As you are preparing to sell your home in 2017, Giving Back Group can help! Not only will we help you sell your home and find a new one, we also donate 20 percent of our commission to the charity or nonprofit of your choice in your name at no additional cost. To get started, check out the home valuation process and we will get started on the sale of your home.