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Ways to Give Back During Your Move and Benefits to Donate Real Estate Commissions to Charity

During a move, your life can be consumed by everything you should do. You have to pack, possible coordinate with movers, set up your utilities and so much more. While these things might be on your mind, there is so much you can do during the moving process that will help you while moving! Learn how to declutter your home through donation, tax benefits and how you can work with a realtor that will donate real estate commissions to charity.

Declutter by Donation

One of the best times to purge old items is during a move. After all, you have to go through all of your belongings during the packing process! Take this as a time to comb through everything and decide what can go. For clothes, use a two-year window as a rule of thumb. If there are any articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in two years, the chances you will wear them in the future are slim. In addition, any items in your house that you no longer need can be essential to others. From dishes and pans to furniture, you can truly donate anything. This will help you declutter and make for an easier move while helping someone else. Those clothes you don’t want or that extra couch in the basement could really help someone out. If looking for places to donate, Donation’s donation drop off locations website will help you find sites in Colorado.

Food Donations

A move is a perfect time to go through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and purge unwanted items. Canned goods are great items to donate as they have a long shelf life, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just that. Take inventory of the items that you no longer need from any of the areas. Next, contact your local food pantry of choice to see if they can take in the items you would like to dispose of. Then you can arrange a time to drop it off. This way, any items that must remain cold can quickly go from your refrigerator to theirs. Looking for a place to donate to? Check out Food Pantries “Food Bank of the Rockies Details Page.”

Tax Benefits

Giving back not only helps the services and individuals that take advantage of your donation, but can help you as there can be tax benefits for you. Anything that you donate can be deducted on your taxes. One of the key things that the IRS says in “Eight Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions” is to qualify for a tax deduction, you must donate items to a qualified organization. Items that you gave to a friend or someone you know will not count. They also note that if you donate items that are $250 or over, you must have documentation of the transaction. For more details and how to write off the taxes, be sure to read their article.

Another way to make a difference in your community during the move is by working with the Giving Back Group. As a premier realtor of Denver, together we can make a difference. How? Giving Back Group donates 20 percent of our commission to the charity or nonprofit of your choice. Learn more about why you should donate to charity and tips from your Denver real estate agent. To get started with your move, let us help! Call us at 303-881-4881.