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Staging Tips to Help You Sell a Home in Denver

Whether you are trying to sell a home in Denver and are struggling, or are just looking ways to make your home more attractive to buyers, consider staging. Staging a home can help prospective buyers envision themselves in the space and not focus on how it is as-is. By working with a staging company, or researching tips on your own, you can help your home flow better and ultimately be more appealing. The goal is to sell your home quickly so you can move into your next home! Learn some of these staging tips and see how this method can help get your house off the market quicker.
  1. De-Clutter and Cut Back: Many potential homebuyers look at a home and may struggle picturing themselves in it. Why? Because it may be arranged or decorated in a way that is not like theirs. It isn’t a bad thing, but can hinder a person from making a decision. Take some time to look at your current setup and décor. Evaluate how dominant some of the features are and consider scaling back. While you don’t want completely bare walls, create an arrangement that is inviting to others and helps them picture the space. Also, in general, keep the house de-cluttered. When there are piles of clutter, boxes, overflow of clothes, toys, etc., it can really turn off a space. If you have things you must keep but is messy in your current method of storing, invest in storage boxes and possibly even a storage container to keep them out of sight.
  2. Go Neutral: The home is one’s sanctuary. That being said, it is decorated and painted the way you like it. If you have bold paint colors, consider how it works in the room. Consider choosing a light or neutral paint color. Lighter colors need to especially be chosen for small spaces. Small rooms that are painted a darker color absorb light making them appear smaller. Change that up and make them seem larger for prospective buyers. In addition to neutral colors, make sure the area is clean for any showing. It will complement the light colors and will appeal to a future buyer.
  3. Create a Good First Impression: The front of your home is the first impression. Make it count! Make sure all landscaping is kept up and trimmed. Next, make sure the yard has been maintained. Being in the fall months, you will want to make sure leaves and twigs are removed. Make sure your front porch has been kept up as well. Wash the exterior of the home, including the windows. Next, make sure the porch is free of clutter and all furniture is arranged neatly.
For more ideas, read Houzz’s “Sell Your Home Fast: 21 Staging Tips.” To sell your home and find your next, you can trust the experts at Giving Back Group. We will help you find the home of your dreams and will make a donation to the charity of your choice when the transaction is complete. Learn how together, we can make a difference! Search our properties to get started.